Performance Experts
We can help you achieve optimal personal and organizational performance.
  1. Leader Development
    Great leadership inspires organizational talent and drives performance.
  2. Strategic Planning
    Great organizations have a plan that aligns and attunes aspirations and creates shared vision.
  3. High Performing Teams
    The true measure of your organization's success lies with the performance of its teams.
  4. Full Employee Engagement
    A motivated, fully engaged employee is a critical part of the strategic foundation for the way you do business and can provide a durable, competitive advantage.
  5. Change Management
    70% of projects fail to meet objectives. Research proves that effectively managing stakeholders, mitigating resistance, and keeping people engaged throughout the project lifecycle results in positive project outcomes.
  6. Training
    We know how to use any type of training to create a custom solution that addresses business goals while working with your distinct, individual learners.
Raise the bar foryour leaders.
Plan  your future results today.
Help your team become high performing
Create the space for employees to flourish.
Improve your odds of success.
Customize to meet individual needs.
What We Do
We are here to take care of all of your organizational development needs.
With our origins in the Cleveland, Ohio metropolitan area, we have grown significantly since our 2005 launch. Throughout this growth, we have maintained our commitment to helping privately owned businesses, non-profit organizations, and government entities achieve their goals in a manner that positively engages the whole system.   Our approach is to thoroughly understand the organization, its ambitions and the industry in which it operates ensuring accurate and timely information, 'not a one size fits all' recommendation.
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Our Team
We can handle all of your organizational development needs.
  1. Matt Selker
    Mr. Matthew L. Selker is an organizational performance and change management expert who gets things done.
  2. Kathy Lentner
    Ms. Kathy Lentner is passionate about aligning organizational communication, marketing and culture.
  3. Dr. Dale Hartz
    Dr. Dale Hartz is a practitioner scholar, bridging the worlds of practice and academia.
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