Since founding the firm in 2005, Leader Development, Employee Engagement, Strategic Planning, Change Management and Organization Development consulting have been our mainstay offerings to organizations, for-profit, government and non-profit alike.  We use a comprehensive, proven "whole person / whole system" approach to organizational change that simultaneously accelerates growth in your people, teams / groups, and your business.  Our approaches are customized to each client situation, not merely a 'one size fits all' approach.  Our goal is to transfer timely, academic scholarship to the organizational front-line expediently and seamlessly and return to academia observations of practice.

Our consulting  projects have successfully demonstrated that it is possible to help organizations drive positive change through customized "inside-out" interventions that:

  • Identify your priority business, process, and behavioral areas for change management and organizational development;
  • Develop your teams / groups in skills for collaboration and teamwork;
  • Develop individuals to adopt high performance attitudes, emotions, and behaviorsImplement results based actions with your teams and individuals on the priority areas;
  • Sustain and measure your results (business and behavioral) over a period of time.

"We live in a rapidly evolving business climate with change as the one constant force. During this great time of organizational and global flattening, leaders need to know how they can become knowledgeable players in the game of change, instead of confused bystanders wondering what is happening."

Learn how your company can deal with change management and organizational development more effectively and systematically. Email or call us today . We will be happy to answer your questions, or schedule a meeting to understand your needs more completely.