Strategic Planning
We see organizations as opportunities to capture, not problems to solve.
Many leaders see their organizations’ strategy-development processes as bureaucratic rather than insightful—more focused on the past rather than on developing future competitive advantage. Leaders also face the crucial challenge of translating strategic insight into actionable plans.
Our Competencies                                                 

We have extensive experience in helping our clients review and entirely redesign, fine-tune, or supplement their planning approaches. Whether focused on strategic planning for a non-profit organization, community, a single or multi-business firm or for one or more business units, our recommendations are grounded in the same basic principles.

Our Advice....

  • is tailor-made for each client;
  • achieves and sustains competitive advantage through insight and agility;
  • is driven by best practices;
  • balances creativity with rigor; and
  • focuses on integrating plans with financial results.

Our Approach

Our approach allows organizations to remain flexible, increase agility and to successfully respond to their changing environment by capitalizing and building capacity on what already exists while identifying and posturing themselves for opportunities on the horizon. By appreciating the interdependence of variables, preparing for alternative realities and challenges, and interpreting and addressing relevant opportunities, a customized plan organically develops that meets the unique needs of the organization.

Appreciative Inquiry combined with

  • S.W.O.T ('Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats') ;
  • V.U.C.A. (system Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity)
  • P.E.S.T. Analysis (Political, Economic, Social & Technologcal)

is a recipe for success. Because we know your S.W.O.T. Analysis isn't placid or static, rather dynamic and evolving, we use V.U.C.A. as a complement to ensure relevancy and accuracy. A benefit of more accurate and relative input to the strategic planning process is a more comprehensive analysis resulting in a well thought out and actionable output that ensures your probability of success.